纯粹数独 精简至极的数独游戏。没有累赘的系统,只有专注的玩法。 整个游戏简单到只有一个游戏界面,只需要设置好游戏参数,然后开始享受游戏的乐趣,感受数独的魅力吧! 当所有九个小九宫格、每列、每行都没有重复数字时,即可完成游戏了。 方向键 – 移动选框 鼠标 – 选择数独面板方格,选择填图面板方格 数字键 – 填写或消除数独面板方格内容...
Jigsaw: Little Duckling Wet duckling drying of in the grass.
Santa Claus  jigsaw puzzle Santa Claus photo Classic Jigsaw Puzzle Play this jigsaw puzzle games in 3 level (48 Pieces, 24 Pieces, 12 Pieces). Click to play and Solve… more puzzle games at el3ab العاب ...
Jigsaw: Apple Blossom Pink apple blossom, bringing memories of spring and warmer days.
Pool Girl Jigsaw Puzzle Pool Girl Jigsaw Puzzle is a new Flash tiling Jigsaw Puzzle featuring Pool Girl Reby. Challenge yourself by solving this jigsaw puzzle. Simply complete the entire image of this bea...
Deer in the woods slide puzzle Deer in the woods slide puzzle Game.
Dog family slide puzzle Dog family slide puzzle Game.
Jigsaw: Brunei Mosque Evening picture of the mosque in Brunei.
Jigsaw: New Guitars Shiny guitars at the store. Put them back together to play.
Stars Match Place the colors stars to exact match the model in the right. More accuracy you are more point you earn. Mouse only
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